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Monday, April 16, 2018

Spiritual Growth, Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening...

I've been giving a lot of thought to my spiritual growth and to spiritual growth in general. I ponder the why of the seemingly small attention to this, when it is in my mind of vital importance not only to the quality of life here and now, but also to our ongoing journey. There seem to be several groupings in regard to this.

There are the already decided, sometimes called fundamentalists, although they really do not go back to the fundamentals of the beginnings of whatever religion they observe. This group sees no need for growth, because their belief is firmly set. They react, sometimes violently, to those who see anything beyond.

There are are post-Enlightenment people who have given ultimate understanding to science. They throw out the great myths and their deeper meaning simply because they have been proven to not be possible scientifically --- a woman made pregnant by a white elephant's trunk piercing her side,the entire world under water, a sea parted, a woman made pregnant by the Holy Spirit, etc.

There are those who are just exhausted by all of this and just throw up their hands. They decide all one needs is to be kind and moral, or to fight everyone, or to worship celebrity, or to make sports their religion, etc.

Yet, I am certain that a spiritual yearning calls from the depths of each and every person.

I'm working on a program to include the whole person to be engaged in the more of life, of Life. Body, Mind and Spirit there are things to do to open to the Great Mystery. I'll just give a bare bones idea of this right now:

  • Body - Take care of it. You need it to walk around earth. Appreciate it. Feed it healthy foods. Take it for a walk. Love it.
  • Mind - Feed it too. Read new ideas. Stretch it with deep thinkers. Learn to meditate and calm the restlessness it otherwise exhibits. Deal with the shadows. Heal with forgiveness and facing fears and false beliefs that once seemed true, but are not. The child made many decisions with limited input that still pop up from the subconscious. Relish your amazing mind.
  • Spirit - Meditate every day. Take a deep breath. Study the great Masters, Saints, thinkers of all religions. Journal. Realize that most of our beliefs come from our culture and families and we would have different beliefs if we were born elsewhere with different families. Examine, ponder, contemplate, explore - move into the Infinite, Unlimited Divine One.
Become a spiritual adventurer. Risk going beyond where we are now to open and embrace more. God is All. There is so much to know and experience. Rich clues are strewn about us. 

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