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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Hunger for Meaning

It is clear to me that we all search for meaning in our lives. It is a main nutrient to our souls. We wither and experience diminished lives without it.

Part of our dilemma is we get sidetracked and latch on to meaningless things promoted as meaningful by a shallow and controlling shadow we call our leaders.

We settle for worship of a book or a person rather than striving for genuine relationship with the Divine. We sink even farther from the yearning of our souls as we fill our days with adoration of sports teams and celebrities, spend endless hours devoted to consumerism, and waste the precious hours we have here on earth.

But what has meaning is the other direction. Compassion, kindness, living love, service to others, finding our gifts and giving them, quiet meditation and contemplation, spiritual conversation with others also seeking truth and meaning, actual connection with God - these are moments of meaning. Strung together, they create a life flowing over with meaning. Deep satisfaction feeds our very core. Our parched souls soak up the meaningful and blossom in new and amazing, even startling, ways.

It takes courage to shake off the propaganda that hypnotises us, lulling us into empty lives or at least half lived lives. Let us awaken and strive for full and meaningful lives.

Today I meet life in new ways. I am open to Guidance into the arms of meaning. Lead me Lord.

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