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Friday, June 28, 2019

True Religion

This morning I read a thought that resonated loudly with what I have come to know.

True religion ignites within and flows out. It is not taught from without and flows in. It is not a doctrine enshrined in institutions. It is the spark already in the soul that awakens and grows and overflows.

It is something each soul desires to experience, but most don't. Most get sidetracked with the goings on and doings of life. Most settle into a routine that is the usual routine of each time and place. Vaguely they feel a nudge to something more, to The More. Sadly, I think, most leave this life without awakening to become the outpouring of the spiritual light within.

I pray more and more of us become attentive to the spark of The More within and let it flow gently and gloriously out. Let your light so shine...

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