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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Seeds Die, Sprout, Are Born In A Grand Cycle

I read many spiritual writers from all persuasions, as you know, if you read this blog or know me personally. I truly have been on a spiritual quest from early childhood.

I've read a quite a bit about Christian mysticism that reignited in the middle ages, and I have my favorites, those who spark some recognition within me. Recently I've been reading about breakaway groups that seemed to eventually coalesce around what came to be known as Friends or Quakers.

I am struck by how they sought basically what I seek, and came to similar conclusions.

  • There is a seed, a light within each of us, the seed of God. It is our responsibility to water and nurture it to maturity. 
  • The church, for the most part is a soul -dead organization interested in itself.
  • Preachers are mostly speaking from their lips rather from a soul on fire within, from a personal knowing that literally made all things new.
  • We are called to the original Way, to the simple teachings of Jesus and to jettison all the rigormorale and hoopla.
  • God is a verb, once touched, acts in wondrous and surprising ways through us.
  • Each soul yearns, hungers, for the Knowing, the Oneness, for that which does not fit into words.
There in comes the flaw. The original and inspired teacher is not replicated. That is followers begin to talk about, but not experience, what originally was an incredible direct knowing. Most of the original seed fades away and is replaced by rituals, creeds, and rules. From time to time, a seed from one original or the other sprouts in someone, they go forth inspired, but then again it fades away.

Jesus told us of the kingdom of God within. By the time Constantine and his bishops were done, the fire and the seed faded into an almost unrecognizable hierarchy, a labyrinth of rules and constraints.

We can find the light-filled seeds strewn across history and nurture them within our souls so that they sprout in us. We try again to share the glory of God and of Love. Perhaps this time could be a time of amazing spiritual awakening once more. 

I urge you to find the seeds that speak to something deep within you, nurture them, give them your love, be excited about your own spiritual journey. It is your main purpose for being here. Remember who you are.

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