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Thursday, July 25, 2019

My Lyft Ministry

For the last year or so, we've been using Lyft to get around. It has been a fascinating experience. We've met drivers who moved here to our little valley from all over the world, as well as lifelong locals and people who moved here from other states. We've gotten personal insights into all kinds of matters, from personal to global issues.

Most of these drivers share their lives and their issues as if we are old friends. I've shared experiences, counseling, philosophy  and spirituality with these "strangers." I seem to be an unofficial minister to Lyft. It is a blessing to me and hopefully a blessing to them.

It has been a pattern of my life. In my youth, I often heard the words, "You're a lifesaver." There is something that makes people feel safe to talk to me. I often marvel at it all.

I wish the people of this world could feel safe with one another. I wish people of this earth shared genuine caring and compassion with all. It is possible, but so far unlikely. 😢

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