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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Star

We each are the stars of our own lives. Most people are extras that make entrances and exits. Shakespeare wrote of life being a stage.

Some are villains, some are helpers, some switch roles being both positive and negative at different times, some walk a long way with us and some only fleetingly. All are teachers.

There have been teachers in my life that dish out really painful lessons. I am still too sensitive as I am still easily wounded by some. I think it is my expectations that get in my own way. A Christian is kind, loving, forgiving, etc. But that is not actually the case. Some who proclaim Christianity are angry, judgemental and opposite of how Jesus taught.

So when I walk into the wall of hypocrisy, especially in regard to someone I care about, how do I avoid heartbreak? Do I rationalize, all are flawed so don't expect congruency. Do I cry? Well, yes sometimes I cry. Do I ask myself, what would Jesus do? Do I ask myself what am I to learn here? Yes, I do the above. And it can still hurt. Life has no guarantee of a smooth sailing life, so I better get used to it.

How do I get thicker skin? I'm getting there, but I don't want to be callous either. Sometimes it feels like a difficult path to walk somewhere in the middle, caring yet not so vulnerable that I am easily wounded and not numb or distant either.

My touch stone is what I learned reading and rereading the New Testament in my childhood and my youth and continually through my life. Jesus was mistreated but did not mistreat. He was attacked but did not attack. He loved. He forgave. He healed. In my own flawed way I must do my best to do likewise. I cannot control others. I can control myself, I maybe cannot protect myself from outside things, but my heart and mind and soul I can protect.

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