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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Great Grandson Visits Me at Church


I was sewing on prayer quilts and my precious granddaughter, Naomi, came to visit with Isaiah, our great grandson. What a wonderful surprise it was. It was a day of joy. He just turned one and is so bright and curious. I hope I get to see him grow up and express his unique self in wondrous ways.

Family experiences for most people range from beyond fabulous to dreadful. This was obviously beyond fabulous.

It is useful to ponder ways to make all, or at least most, family times positive and uplifting. How can we reach the family black sheep, long lost relative, the angry and judgmental with our love and care? It seems to me that being on a spiritual path requires us to come with open and loving hearts, not only to the easy to love, but also to the most difficult to love. 

We are each responsible for our own input into life. How we show up is important. I have come to know/believe that everything, every moment, every person is a spiritual opportunity to refine our walk and to lift others. 

Oh Divine Presence, open my heart to fully love as You call us to love. Help my ego diminish so that more and more of You can shine through without distortion.

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