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Sunday, November 10, 2019

That Silly Snake

I just read a great alternative to Augustine's original sin idea 💡!  The Adam and Eve story is about ignorance, about how dumb and silly it would be to believe someone dressed up like a snake and what happens when this decision brings its consequences.

All of a sudden I saw a parade of snakes: com men and women, snake oil salesmen and saleswoman, propogandists, uneducated "teachers," manipulators, purveyors of magical answers, out and out liars, etc. ....

Then I saw those who walk as if dead, those who followed the snakes and took them as true, those who are ignorant of critical thinking. I saw hysterical people, holding onto the snake/s in their lives, for dear life. I saw desperation.

Then I realized ignorance can be overcome, it is not an eternal given. While some may be so hypnotized by their snakes that it might not be easy to break the grasp of ignorance on their lives, others are ready to let go with a tiny nudge.

As for me, I fervently want to let go of all ignorance remaining in me. I seek Truth. I seek compassion towards all. I seek a deep and abiding relationship with The More. Let it be so.

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