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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Why Are We Here?

Depending on our worldview, our answers tumble from our understanding, often in a haphazard way. I addressed this in some detail in my book, What On Earth Is Going On - Spiritually Speaking. Some thoughts are urging me to say a bit this morning.

What is going on here is opportunity for spiritual growth. Each person, each event, every moment, all of it is our teacher. How we react or respond is feedback, although often ignored, that can mirror for us how we are doing in our process of spiritual awakening. It could be said that we currently inhabit a giant biofeedback device.

Really what is needed is the view Jesus suggested when he said to look beyond appearances. It's not the obvious thing shouting in your face. It's a check to see if we can love, even then, even in the face of this person shouting, even with a major challenge presenting itself, no matter what life throws at us.

Buddhism and Christianity agree that compassion, unconditional love and non-attachment, free of ego, are signs of awakening. As we look into the mirror of our lives, we can see how we are doing in these areas. And we can change, heal, grow, for we don't have to stand and defend ourselves as we are. We are in process. It's not only okay to be in process, it is necessary. We are not going to ever fully be perfect or fully comprehend The Infinite. SO, let's get comfortable with the ongoingness of our journey of awakening.

This is a golden opportunity to move more and more into the joy of love, compassion and freedom from painful egos. Look into your life mirror today with an open heart, with love and compassion for yourself and your life.

Let the life, the Spirit, that was in Christ Jesus be also in you, so said Paul and so say I.

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