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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Body of Truth

A line in a Karen Armstrong book that I am reading caught my interest this morning.
In both Pali and Sanskrit - as in English - the word "body" (kaya) can refer to a group or collection of elements, so the "dharma-body" of the Buddha is composed of those qualities and teachings which represent the Truth that he embodied.

It led me think about the Cosmic Christ, about the qualities and teachings of Jesus who became Christed. Communion says we enter the body of Christ. Some have taken that literally, but it seems much more powerful and helpful to say I enter into the body of the qualities and teachings of the Christ. I take them into myself. I invite them in.  I endeavor to live them. I am aligning myself with compassion, wisdom, and love and all that is in The Body of Qualities and Teachings of Jesus, the Galilean who became Christ, the anointed.

Such an entering offers transformation. We know as He knew that it is the Divine Within doing the work.

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