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Friday, December 6, 2019

Maybe Not Human Beings, Rather Human Becomings

For a moment let's loosen our grip on certainty.

We are always, constantly becoming more. Our life is not static. Change is a fact of life. Who we were at age 4 is light years away from who we are today. Who we were yesterday is at least a smidgen different from who we are today. Who we shall be tomorrow is yet to be determined.

Our bodies change, new cells form, neurons connect in new ways, we heal scrapes and cuts, we develop muscle in our exercises. Our understandings change. We hear new things, meet new people, read new ideas, engage in conversations.

It's all interconnected. Our new cells form out of nutrients from foods we eat which come from different parts of the world, nurtured by water and sun. It could be said we eat sunlight and rain. Our minds take in ideas from across history, from Moses to Plato to Jesus to Hildegard of Bingen to Thomas Jefferson to Einstein to the wisdom of Snoopy and everything in between.

In other words, we are in a constant state of becoming. In this dance of life, we do best to just relax and dance the dance, letting go of ego's urgent need to hold on, to grasp, to try to control. Our insistence on having it our way, our attachments/addictions, bind us to the impossible, and keep us from awakening and in a state of suffering in varying degrees.

Let go and let God. Judge not by appearances, but with righteous judgment. Let the mind/energy that was in Christ Jesus be in you. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. These and more words come to teach us from early Christianity. Let's listen and enjoy becomingness.

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