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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Motion Picture?

This morning in my contemplation, I saw my life as a sort of motion picture, one that cannot be rewound, but with smells and sensations. One that only God and I can fully know.

I saw the times I seemed off track, but those times ended up being my teacher. I saw joy and sorrow, hope and despair, beauty and ugliness, flashes of insight and moments of feeling lost, spiritual awakening and knowing contrasted with times of doubt. It was all there and more.

I saw that one of our "jobs" while on earth is to move into alignment with the principles of it all. Life works better when in harmony with and dancing with the Divine and Divine patterns. This requires moving out of superstition, and out of all evil actions such as violence, greed, etc. and out of certainty/closed mindeness, into a teachable and unattached mindset.

We cannot know it all, it's infinite. We must begin nevertheless. Today we participate in shaping tomorrow.

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