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Friday, April 3, 2020

Science and/or Religion

The debate has raged in some circles for several centuries - How can both be true? Is one wrong?

Let's consider the possibility that both are true in their own lane. Science is materialistic, and so it is about what can be proven about our material world. Religion and spirituality are about the mysterious, the nonordinary, and the why.

Science can prove human life is initiated by a random sperm and an egg merging. It cannot tell us why this life or most any why about this life. Science can tells us the gorgeous sunset is light at certain angles shining through the atmosphere and pollution creating colors. It cannot tell us why we are breathlessly experiencing such beauty, moved by it, in awe. Science can tell us how a piano works, but it cannot explain Mozart and also how his music stirs something deep within us.

This other level of life, this spiritual experience, has been experienced by people in all times and places. Since the experience of awe, of something More, cannot be conveyed by words, people have employed myth and poem and story and music and art as attempts to communicate IT.

People in recent centuries that are almost entirely into materialism, dismiss spirituality as superstition and go no farther. I would guess materialists have not stood in a redwood forest and contemplated the life of one of the ancient trees, or set quietly overlooking Sunset Beach at sunset and been overtaken with awe. I would guess they have not explored the myths and stories of various cultures and discovered how the themes fit together and how meaning is embedded in them.

Yet I know many of such peop!e and know the empty spot in them. I am quite certain that there is a spiritual yearning in each of us, that there is a Divine Presence calling to us.

Organized religion has turned many people away from spiritually seeking the mystery and meaning of life. It rarely accurately represents the original thinkers and experiencers or the whys of it all. It does not give tools and guidance that lead to The Experience that cannot be told. They did this mostly from incongruity. What they do is not consistent with what the teaching represents. What, for example, would Jesus have to say about inquisitions, crusades, concentration camps, gulags, hurting others, lumping people into groups and then treating other groups badly,etc.

I urge you to meditate, to go quietly into nature, to open yourself to The Experience that changes your life forever. You cannot unknow what you experience once Oneness has lifted you.

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