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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

This Covid19 is a lemon sort of time. Our once taken for granted freedom has been reduced to a tiny trickle. Some are physically ill, some are in financial difficulty, some are having psychological issues, some/many are having spiritual issues.

We are face to face with many dilemmas. One such dilemma is centered around our needs. We are seeing how some needs are not needs at all, falsely created by culture and advertising. In a quarantined world, we can begin to understand that the latest whatcamegadget is not really needed. We need shelter, food, health, relationships, mental and physical stimulation, and we need a first hand relationship with God, The More, The Presence.

It seems to me this is a great time to learn and practise meditation. It is a fine time to read some spiritual books. It is a perfect time to start a spiritual journal. You might even share this blog with friends and begin a spiritual discussion group via one of the new technologies from Skype to Zoom or even phone or email.

You have questions to explore. What is it that you believe? What is the purpose of your life?  What about God? What is your dream for your life? What have you accepted as true that might not actually be true? And many more??????

Let's turn this lemon time into a time of spiritual awakening. This lemon time has immense potential. Let's use it to free ourselves from the worn out patterns and half truths of our pasts and walk together into a brighter future.

Oh Divine Presence, light my way into a closer walk with You. Lead me onto Your path, to deep and meaningful understanding, to freedom. Awaken in me all that calls out to be awakened. I dedicate this time in my life to all that is spiritual.  

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