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Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Turning Point

Richard Rohr says that once you see a tree filled with light and angels, you'll never see a tree the same again. That is so true for me.

It was the spring of 1977. My husband had an aneurysm in his brain on Christmas and died New Year's Day 1977. His therapist invited me to a retreat in the mountains he was holding. He told me I didn't have to participate, just to be there would be good for me.

At some point, I was outside, sitting on a rock, just observing a tree. I watched squirrels run up and down, birds briefly stop for a rest, another bird making a nest, butterflies flitting in and out. Life was happening in a myriad of ways in this lively and lovely tree.

Then it happened. I heard a voice. It said, "You are like this tree. People and experiences come to you. Some come briefly, some stay for a time, some for a long time. They carress your branches, they are part of your life, but not your life. You are the tree, rooted in Me. You cannot hold onto the dance of life visiting you for a time. They move on to other places, other trees, other lives. Breath, relax and enjoy. Let it be. All is well."

And, yes, I've never seen trees the same since.

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