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Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Flip Side

This morning, in "What Do We Do With the Bible?" by Richard Rohr, I read,

Just remember, your gift is the flip side of your "sin," and your "sin" is the dangerous side of your gift. You must accept and recognize both, which will always keep you both humble and wise. 

Although I'm uncomfortable with the universals, (must, always, preferring something like will tend to keep you) I found this idea quite interesting.

My mind began applying this idea to some traditional "sins." I know we look upon many things formerly called "sins" nowadays as illnesses. But the original meaning of sin was an archery term meaning to miss the mark. So let's look at a few as missing the mark of a full and meaningful life.

  • Alcoholism. The attempt/danger is often to drown one's sorrows, to forget without resolution. Don't solve problems, bury them in an alcoholic haze. The gift is is the option open to us all to turn to The More to actually be able to heal, forgive and move onward with life. 
  • Getting high. The danger is substituting a chemical high for a genuine spiritual high. It is a quick high, but a false and addictive high that risks life itself. The available gift is a spiritual high which does takes time as we develop ourselves in prayer and contemplation, but it is a permanent shift that transforms everything.
  • Thievery, looting. The danger is reinforcing false emotions and stories such as rage and victimhood and destroying blindly. The gift is God's open heart ready to enfold us so we can hear at a deep level with new meaning, "It is the Father's good please to give you the kingdom."  Doors can open for the restored soul, doors of hope, of opportunity, of peace.
You can continue to muse with other missing the mark choices, and maybe consider some places where your life is missing the mark. I think for me, hitting the mark is loving without restriction, forgiving fully, sharing generously and showing up authentically. What is hitting the mark for you?

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