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Monday, October 26, 2020

Job Again

I've read and re-read the Book of Job uncounted times in my life, seeking clues to my own life situation. It has seemed to me that I have had and have an extra generous allocation of challenges. It may be I'm to get on with it via a condensed version of earth's opportunities to develop one's interiority. 

Job had a heap of challenges, not the least his pious friends. They came to him when he was at his lowest point, piling platitudes and theological theory upon him, always blaming Job for his situation. They go on and on about God, with no hint they know God. Job keeps wanting relationship with God, for God to see him.

I can see this as a societal situation too. Some of us really want a deep relationship with God. Most seem satisfied with talking about God, with having second hand thoughts about God, thoughts from the invisible past, from faded images of "thinkers" posturing and pretending to know. For many, religion is something you do - go to church, give money, celebrate various churchy things and go about life unchanged.

To walk The Way is to be radically changed, to touch the Presence, to go deep into relationship and far from surface trivialities. 

As Jesus said, Life is more than what you wear... The Kingdom of God is within you even though you have looked everywhere else (my translation).

As I walk this path of seeking to be in an ever more full relationship with God, I wonder how to encourage others to set foot on this path and discover this other way for themselves. I hope and pray you who read this blog are walking with me and bringing others too.

God bless you and your journey.

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