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Monday, February 1, 2021

Getting Clear

Part of our work here on earth is to look beyond appearances and become clear at numerous levels. Jesus suggested we not judge by appearances but judge with righteous judgement.

Appearances do have value as we navigate the highways and byways of life on earth. Surface judgements help us walk or drive to our chosen destination, or select the best produce or make a favorite recipe. But, they are not helpful at more meaningful levels.

Appearances are the main ingredients in prejudice, in ego-led lives, in surface living. Who is this person standing in front of me? Yes, he/she has surface appearances of skin, eye, clothing, etc. But that tells me little. What has his/her life been like? What are the joys, sorrows, goals? What are the loves, the beliefs, the hopes and dreams? What stirs his/her soul? 

My particular interests, for really all of my life, include spirituality, history, philosophy, psychology, and creativity. I am a curious kind of person. I am a seeker of truth, of clarity. Many dawnings of awareness have blessed me, and I know there are more to come. I pray any murkyness in me get cleared up. I desire truth not fidelity to any clouded understanding.

A powerful exercise is to sit somewhere where people walk by and try to see them at a deeper level than appearance. This person is God's own creation, is on a path of some sort, has hopes and dashed hopes, has courageously come to earth to grow and expand, to learn to love.... And so forth. In this little exercise, we may find our hearts open, our compassion expand and our rush to judge and categorize disappear. A bit of clarity sets us free from our knee jerk egos, bit by bit.

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