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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Keats and Me

Keats called this earth "a vale of soul making." I agree. Our task here is to develop our inner cores, strengthen our souls, be spiritually alive and awake.

Our soul making has to compete with the vast array dancing before us. From electronics to projects to who knows what, our life energies can become so scattered that we can forget what its all about.

I suggest, that just under the surface of the frenetic dance of "modern" life, is who we are at a deeper level. Our souls call out to be seen. Are they whole and robust and directing our path? Are they shredded by the clamor? 

We can chose how much of the outer we let into our lives, and what we let in can be part of our soul's development. Read a book - which book aimed at what? Does it nourish our souls? Go to a meeting - what meeting? Does it nourish our souls? Participate in politics - does it, can it, nourish our souls? Are there moments of quiet contemplation, maybe under a tree or on a quiet beach or under a starry sky? 

Do the things we do lead to peace and clarity and compassion? Or do they lead to upset and ego? Are we experiencing more wholeness? Are we tending to the nourishment of our souls?

In all of our activity are we listening within? Are we remembering how brief and how precious is our time on earth?  Are we being good stewards of our time? Consider these things with me and turn to the joyful task of being fully present in this vale of soul making.

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