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Monday, February 22, 2021


In every generation and every culture there are, and have been, thinkers. These are people who test hypotheses, look from all sides of an issue, seek truth not confirmation of their own biases. Sometimes they are in hiding from the ruthless dominators, having to work quietly in the shadows. Sometimes they work in large numbers in the open, when breezes of freedom are softly blowing. Those are exciting times. I think of the thinkers who made up America's founding documents, and what amazing conversations were going on as they made up a new kind of government. I think of the first Christians as they pioneered a new way to live the spiritual life. 

I salute you who think with me, as we consider so many things together on this blog. You are thinkers. You and your thinking skills are especially needed right now, here in this moment of history.

This is a pivotal time in history. It's as if earth cries out for thinkers. Hints of totalitarianism are in the air. Marxism comes disguised to woo us. Anti-spiritual ideas are seeded all over. Openly we hear words such as: fundamentally change our country, end borders, think globally, cling to your superstitious religion - opiate Marx called it, do what we say or you will be put out of business, it's not true that masks help- but it proves we can control you, no more objectivity in schools....

It looks a lot like preparations for a dystopian society. It might be a good time to reread some of the classic warning tales like "Brave New World" or "1984." For sure it is a time to hone up our thinking skills like logic.

Personally, I know there is a spiritual foundation to our lives. I have had moments of seeing the Light, hearing the Voice, knowing beyond knowing. My spirituality is my rock, my foundation, the core of my life. One of things I have been shown is that we are stewards of our own lives and of our planet - no excuses, no laziness allowed. We need to cherish this life and this planet that makes this particular life experience possible. We need to get our heads out of hypnotic television and phones and get in touch with a tree, with beauty and with God. We cannot be stewards if we live in make believe. Our full understanding and heart and brainpower are desperately needed right now.

Let he/she with eyes to see, SEE.

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