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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

A Time to Reflect on the Number 82

I awoke this morning to the thought that it was 82 years ago on this day that I drew my first breath as Margaret Marlene Eakin. It was not my first breath ever, but it was for this particular lifetime. It seems so long ago. The world has changed so much it is barely recognizable from the vantage point of 82 years ago.

In many ways, it seems like I've lived multiple lives within this particular life. I've experienced a huge variety of things, some almost unbelievable, even to me who lived it. I've been places and done things that seem fantastic and unreal. I've gone through extreme valleys and beautiful mountain top experiences. I've been loved, hated, shunned, attacked, supported, betrayed, lied about and lied to, in danger, penniless and well off, won awards, educated, and just about anything imaginable. I've had amazing spiritual experiences and dark night of the soul times. I've learned major forgiveness lessons, lessons about taking charge of my own mind, lessons of observation of what to do and not to do. I am thankful for all of the people who have been my teachers for just a few moments or for long stretches of time. I am thankful for the tough, hard, hurtful teachers and the kind, uplifting teachers. They each had their purpose and perhaps assignment.

My life card is full and overflowing with lessons learned, and still learning.

But I'm thinking what matters most is what I've learned and who I've become because of or in spite of it all. What do I know to be true after all of these 82 years of experience?

What matters is my soul growth, my relationship with God, my input into life, loving myself and others, appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of our earth, thankfulness for this amazing journey, appreciation for my kind and encouraging husband of almost 35 years.

It is my hope and goal that when I leave this life, I can answer "Yes, I learned how to love," and "Yes, I completed my mission, my purpose, my reason for coming to earth this time."

I absolutely know that there is a Higher Power - known by many names, but One Higher Power just the same. A different name does not make a different God, it just shows our different ways of approaching God. Much of our approach is cultural - that is where and when we are born and what the prevailing ideas are there. Part of our journey is to realize this and not be bound by it.

I treasure the moments when the veil has lifted, and I have seen beyond and learned from beyond. In quiet moments, in times of trauma, in the mountains, at the ocean, in my home, all over the place, the veil has parted. I know I am loved, guided, and part of the Oneness of All. I know this about you too, even when you don't. I know our soul's journey is continuous - we existed before coming here and will continue when this chapter is complete. I know we are safe at the soul level, no matter what blows life hands us, no matter what accolades we receive. The experience here is our teacher, if we are open and willing to learn. 

Obviously, I have no conscious knowledge, at least at this moment, of how much longer I will be gifted with time here. However long it might be, I will do my best to be the person God calls and guides me to be. 

Thank you, God, for this life and all it has been and shall be. Teach me what You would have me know. Lead me to do Your Will today and every day, every moment. I put the seal of integrity and faith upon these words, Amen, Amen and Amen

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