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Saturday, March 26, 2022

As A Person Thinketh

(The actual quote is - as a man thinketh)

I have taught for many decades how important one's attitude, perspective, state of mind are for almost everything in life. Jesus first taught me that. Many others, plus my life experience, have verified it. 

An article in Epoch Times caught my eye this morning.  I urge you to read it all:

Here is an excerpt:

For example, when it comes to bolstering the immune system, vitamin supplements, and looking at nutrition is easy for everyone to understand, because the effects can be seen through a microscope.

But when it comes to regulating emotions, relieving stress, and changing what we’re conscious about, people feel it is too out of touch to be relevant.

However, scientists’ research has proved that our thoughts and mindset can affect how well our immune cells function.

For example, as mentioned in many previous interviews with Dr. Dong, people with two different views of happiness—hedonic and altruistic—express different levels of interferons by our immune cells. Therefore, although our mindset is intangible, it still objectively exists and can even affect the state of our immune cells.

I have found several key factors in establishing a positive mindset, for example: forgiveness, self-talk, examining an unexamined life, our associates, and so forth. 

I want to spend a moment discussing self-talk with you. I have found that many people have a negative, self-condemning script running most of the time in their mind. If that is so for you, I have some suggestions.

Talk to yourself as if you are your own best friend. Give yourself wise suggestions and advice. Ask yourself if this or that line of thinking is good for you. Ask yourself if you would say this or that to someone you loved. Ask yourself what you need to say to yourself to support becoming the best version of yourself possible.

So, if, inside your head, you call yourself clumsy, begin to tell yourself you are balanced and graceful. If you call yourself ugly, begin to call yourself beautiful. If you tell yourself you are stupid, begin to tell yourself you are intelligent. If others say negatives to you about you, silently reverse what they say.

Whatever you name yourself to be, you will become. Be the shining light of love and joy. Be all you can be. 

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