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Saturday, November 4, 2023


It has been a bizarre 10 days or so. Extremely mentally disturbed people, voodoo curses of all things, car troubles, tooth problems- for goodness sake, what's going on?

Then this morning during my prayer time I had vision that brought me to tears. I saw our beautiful earth with a cloud of darkness, a dark and ugly fog moving from all directions until it joined and the entire earth was covered. All was still and in darkness for a thousand years, and then a little light ignited in the vast field of darkness. 

Tears and sorrow. Then a message came and a challenge, perhaps futile, but I must share it.

The people of earth have had great spiritual lights come to teach, but they have mostly been ignored, or worshipped as something other, but not believed. A tiny tiny percentage have taken, for example, The Sermon on the Mount seriously enough to actually implement it in their lives and live it. Many talk about it, few practice it.

So evil is growing and moving more quickly and comprehensively than ever before in the history of humanity. 

There is a slight chance it can be stopped and vaporized. It would take a major shift in a significant number of people. Genesis 18 came to mind when Abraham bargained with God to save Sodom and Gomorrah unsuccessfully. Perhaps it is a metaphor for today. Can enough of us turn away from this darkness in time to stop it?

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