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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Thoughts on What to Do

 I've been contemplating the seemingly dangerous times in which we live. This morning, during my prayer time, some thoughts wafted into my mind. I want to share the tender beginnings of these ideas, knowing they will take more form in the coming days.

Teilhard de Chardin's idea came to me - We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Then the common statement of life after life experiences came to me - I met a being of light who asked me two questions: did you learn how to love (unconditional love), and did you complete your purpose for coming to earth? And then my life flashed before my eyes, the good and the bad, all of it.

Then I thought about how all of us come from a spiritual realm and inhabit a tiny human body that grows miraculously from two half cells to be trillions of cells that form our adult bodies. And, then, at some point, we give our physical bodies back to earth, and our spiritual being, our soul, goes back to the spiritual realm.

I thought about our great spiritual teachers that have given us much wisdom about how to be spiritual and human while here. I thought about how we humans have divided ourselves, pitted ourselves against one another based on various interpretations of what the great teachers have been reported to have said.

So now we have thousands of variations/denominations of all of the great religions, each promoting the idea that they have the "right" understanding, often then attacking verbally or physically those who have the "wrong" understanding. For the zealots of each fraction, they seem to think that gives them the permission to do all manner of unspiritual things to the "wrong" thinking groups.

Often what is considered the "right" understanding was decided upon long, long ago by pre-modern men who were ignorant or misguided by their own biases. Without critical thinking, looking closely at history and archeology and geology, etc. the ignorant "right" ideas lead people far astray from unconditional love and from the purpose for which they came to earth.

So, the questions I now ponder - How can we lead people to understand the simple truth of who they are and stop fighting over ideas that came from some dusty and distant past that only lead us to destroy one another and our wonderful earth? How can we be led to at least tolerate other understandings? How can we lay down violence and cruelty? How can we get the cloudy veils on our eyes and hearts to drop away so that we can see with clear spiritual understanding? 

Can we at last have a great spiritual awakening on earth?

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