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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Visions This Morning - Maybe a Gamechanger

During my prayer/contemplation time this morning, I had several visions. I want to discuss one of them with you today.

You probably recall Carl Jung's writing on the collective unconscious. Briefly, very briefly, the idea is that thought is energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. The energy of our thoughts and words and emotions go into an energy field called the collective unconscious. We can tap into this energy field - for good or ill, depending on which energies - inspired ones or the boogeymen of our fears.

So my vision was of earth with this collective unconscious band of energy surrounding it. In the field, I saw balls of various sizes, each containing the energies directed toward various spiritual figures across history. I saw energy coming to the various balls of light, and I saw energy coming out of them.

The first smaller ball I saw in detail was St. Joseph, who somehow developed the reputation of being able to help a person find lost items. It started long ago with some kernel, and it grew and grew. Now some people add to it by believing, and some draw from it by asking for help. When the lost item is found, the belief and thanks go to the ball of energy of St. Joseph.

Then my attention was drawn to a huge ball of light. It was the Jesus ball of energy. It started with the actual Jesus of 2,000 years ago, so it began as a largish ball. Every thought, every hope, every request increased the shining ball of Jesus energy field. Across the past 2,000 years unimaginable amounts of energy went to and from the Jesus energy field ball of light in the collective unconscious. And it grew and grew.

This is not to say there are not other, higher spiritual things going on. This is to look at the mental energy from humans on this particular planet.

In my studies, I came to notice that Jesus, as reported in the Gospels, never asked us to pray to him. He never took credit for the healings. He deflected to God - It's the Father within doing the work. He told us to pray to God - Our Father. He called us equals - brothers and sisters, greater things than this shall you do. 

So, my evangelical friends and family who pray to Jesus and praise Jesus, etc. were somewhat problematic for me. They say they are Christian, but not doing what Jesus asked and taught in this regard. As much as I love and admire and try to model my life in Jesus' Way, I have been uncomfortable with praying to Jesus, with needing him as a pathway to God. I think living what he taught is a pathway to God, and so in that way Jesus leads me to God. 

Then this morning, my vision seemed to explain it all to me. Over time, so much energy has been poured into the Jesus energy field in the collective unconscious, that praying to Jesus taps into that ball and opens all kinds of spiritual help. It is likely particular to this planet, but it is nevertheless real. On other planets in the vastness of the billions of galaxies, there are likely other spiritual stories and other make-ups of each collective unconscious energy field.

It seems that the desire to seek the spiritual is hardwired into sentient beings. Across all history there is strong archeological and historical evidence for the universality of the spiritual quest and belief system. So I am pretty sure this is true across the vast expanses of time and space.

The important thing is to attune oneself to the highest understanding and live our life as best we can. 

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