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Monday, February 11, 2019

Earthling Only?

Science has been shattering to religion, but not, I propose, to spirituality.

Our bodies, for example, are made of earth, are a carbon compound, as I learned in organic chemistry. BUT, let us explore more.

This clod of clay is animated very unlike the clay beneath our feet. It moves, it dances, it jumps. It transform over and over again, from baby to adult, from sick to well, from thin to fat, all maintaining an unique identity with no two of our bodies exactly alike. The earth beneath our feet does none of that as far as I can tell.

It houses our souls. There is that more of us that feels and thinks and chooses and cares and loves and laughs and cries and quests. That more of us has throughout all time sought The More, The Divine, The Connection. Most of us have at least touched the fringes of The More- in a redwood forest, in the eyes of the newborn, in moments of prayer.

We seek, we quest, we somehow deep within know there is God. We hunger for spiritual food, spiritual connection. It is part of us as we walk into life with courage and curiosity.

Since the dawn of modern science, churches have declined, numbers way down each year, buildings sold, hymnals scrapped. This, in my opinion and experience, is not because spiritual yearning is down, but it is primarily because much of theology  does not lead to God. It was not designed to do so by the men who made it up. It was made to control and to use the people. Read church history by historians to see for yourself.

We don't need to throw out spiritual community, we need to throw out our ridiculous theology. Scatter a little common sense/critical thinking on most theology and it either evaporates into the nothingness from whence it came or shows us a kernel of Truth that has been obscured by the twisted ideas of ignorant or malicious men.

As we look around this world, for anyone paying attention, it is easy to see spiritual angst is rampant.  I propose it is time for an awakening, a fresh look at spirituality.  We need new pathways to find the sacred moments that take us into living fully in The Presence, with The More. We need to live spiritually, we yearn for God.

I come to this day ready to be Awake, ready to seek, ready to know You. I fearlessly let go of nonsensical ideas attached to You, God, and am ready to  live my life knowing whatever I do, wherever I go, You are with me. I step into The More...

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