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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Pregnant With Possibilities

In each moment there lies an abundance of possibilities that await the touch of our choice to come to life. We choose to turn right or to turn left or go straight or turn around. Each has a package of different gifts packed inside. Each contains different experiences, different people, different lessons, different memories.

Our choice cuts off other choices and their gifts. We decide one thing and that choice decides against the gifts in all other possible choices available in that moment. A different school, a different church, a different set of friends, a different city, etc makes for a different life. The details are different anyway.

But maybe our overarching life is not all that different. Maybe our soul lessons are addressed with any choice. Maybe the great spiritual lessons can be learned inspite of our choices. In any spot on earth we can learn to love, to forgive, to experience The More.

Some choices may make our soul lessons more challenging, difficult, even ugly. If we choose to go down a dark and evil path, it is harder and more painful to find out spiritual way out of the dark valleys. But then, a seemingly society approved life may also be a challenging way to find our soul's  lessons and learn them. There we may be seduced by ego and its minions.

For me, a pile of anxiety drops away as I realize that all paths contain The Way. By choosing this or that city, for example, the details of my life will differ, but my soul lessons are there awaiting me. God is there. In all of the many places I've visited The More was there and I grew and learned and became clearer about my life.

Let us take the raw materials of this day and be open to The More. Today, here and now let us live a flowing love, offer a forgiving heart, and be alert to experience More. This day is pregnant with possibilities. As Paul said, seize the day.

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