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Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Valleys

Oh the valleys we walk! There is something about life on this planet that requires deep valleys, challenging times, deep crevices to try our souls.

Perhaps they are tests, checking to see what we really believe and how fully we believe. If we say one thing, but act out of another when tough times come, it cannot be said we actually believe our own words.

Say we declare that we are called to love unconditionally because Judaism and Christianity both insist on it in the Torah and in the New Testament. Jesus said the greatest commandment that fulfills all is Love. If we really believe this, we live this. People watching us live our lives know we believe in love for they observe us living love, regardless of circumstances.

But if we are quick to anger, render speedy judgments on others, pour hostility upon those who disagree with us, gossip, lay any harm upon another, it cannot be said we live or even understand the commandment to Love.

So too with the totality of our lives. We ask ourselves, am I congruent, consistent? Are my words and deeds of one cloth? As I observe myself,  does my life reflect what I say I believe? When valleys come, as they do, am I still living lovingly?

As I watch in horror the celebrity class, the ruling classes in government and wealth, and the famous of any ilk, declare they are  followers of Jesus or Moses or Mohammad, yet behave in shameful ways, I weep.

I cannot say that I am a follower of Jesus and behave other than how he taught. I cannot use a valley as an excuse. Indeed, I cannot use any excuse. I must strive through thick and thin to be as loving, kind, forgiving, generous hearted and caring as I possibly can be. I may falter, but I must brush myself off and strive again. It is not falling down that is the problem, it is the staying there and not getting back up that is the problem.

If we all tried our best to live in love, oh what a world of would be.

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