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Sunday, February 3, 2019

What Is Life?

This morning I awoke with this question on my mind. Maybe it has been the subject of my dreams. Maybe it has been running under the surface of my mind all week as I wrestled and grieved some of the current events.

What is life? Is Life precious? Is it a gift? Is it a mystery? Are we to be good stewards of it? Are we accountable for what we do with ours? Does it come from God?

My answer is "yes."  Some answer "no." Some answered "NO" so loudly this week that I felt as if I had a gut punch and stabbing in my heart at the same time.

Two governors bragged about bills that allowed full term babies to be killed, even during labor. One bragged that the baby could be killed even after birth. News reporters said 7 or more states allow late, late term abortion/murder. Infanticide ran chills throughout my entire being.

Does this (and other signs of violence) signal the fall of Western civilization? Certainly the values that it has been built upon are crumbling. Perhaps the slide of values is related to an array of things such as the decline of churches, the daily violence of television and games and music and movies, social media and its anarchy, the fracturing of the family, addictions and more.

The values of the West have given us  great ideas, great music and art, democracy, the end of slavery, more prosperity for more people than ever before, freedom to become all we are capable of being if we focus and work, charities that are amazingly helpful, care and protection for animals, better and better medical care, etc. As a student of history, I think we have it better now than any other time in history. We have the option of continuing on with the historical positives to ever more positive and inclusive society.

But evil thinking and acting have crept in. It is not only acceptable in some circles, it is admired. People create evil when they forget who they are. Freedom turns to license to do whatever one wants. A frenzy of ugliness leads to dark places.

I am hoping and praying that the good people of earth stand up for goodness and turn away from the lure of violence in all of its forms.

What IS life to you?

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