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Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Question of God

In my musing today, I began to wonder how deeply people in general explore and experience God. Is God discussed vigorously with others seldom or regularly or never? Are a wide array of thinkers about spiritual matters read and considered? Is time spent daily in spiritual practises? Is God thought of first thing in the morning, during the day and at bedtime? If we were observed, would others generally think we put God into our regular days and lived as one who walks with God?

Let's say we say we believe in God, and moreover as God being Present as a divine Presence. We imply then that our lives are lived in the Presence of God. If we deeply and truly believed this, how would that show up in our lives? How would we be changed?

I think this is worth considering. Stop a moment and look into yourself. Bare faced honesty is needed for us to actually see ourselves.

Do you, in fact, actually, really and truly believe in God's Presence, in God, Him/Herself? If so, what comes next?

For me, it is a challenge. I challenge myself to be open, congruent and to grow each day more and more fully into walking The Way. What challenge do you give yourself?

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