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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

What About Angels?

I just read an interesting analysis of Old Testament/Jewish writings regarding angelic beings. There are several (Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, etc) who are described as being God's agents to people on earth, carrying divine power and authority, second only to God. They are described in magnificent ways with glorious appearance. But they are not God, and are not to be worshiped.

That led me to think about angels possibly being with us, maybe along the lines of a guardian angel or angels, or the cloud of witnesses, maybe even the oversoul.

I do know we are not alone. From personal experience, I know we are connected in some way to the divine. There have been moments in my life when the "veil" has been lifted, at times transparent. There are divine beings aware of us, helping when we let them. I cannot conjure them up on demand. They appear as they choose.

When we spend regular time in the silence, we become more attuned to all things divine. Our lives take on a special depth, an expanded interiority. It is a new way to be on earth when we know more than meets the eye is as real as things that are earthbound.

What if God and God's agents really are here? How would we live out our lives knowing this?

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