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Sunday, March 8, 2020


This morning I was reading a bit about the concept of holons. Basically, as I understand it, everything is itself whole and also part of other things including all that is.

For example, you and I are whole, unique individuals, each with unique life experiences and stories. We are also part of a family that also has its unique set of stories. We are also part of a city, a state, a nation and this planet and all who dwell here, each with its own stories. We are part of our solar system, part of the Milky Way galaxy, part of all galaxies. And, we are unique souls, part of the grand spiritual story.

This leads me to understand spiritual words more fully, such as: Christ within the hope of glory, it's not I but Christ in me, I and the Father are one, it is the Father doing the work, the kingdom is within you, etc.

We already are a part of all that is. We may need to shift our awareness to realize the paradox of individual uniqueness and oneness with all. We are a part of it all, and yet here we are standing as one buman, seemingly separate.

My responsibility now shifts. Not only am I to be all that I can be, taking care of my own body, my own mind, my own spiritual awareness, but since I am part of all that is, my participation becomes part of  all that is. Am I contributing uplift or downdraft? Am I a beneficial presence? Am I compassion and kindness?

Whatever I do or say becomes part of the entire chain. For me, I continually strive to be a positive, although maybe tiny, contributor.

Open the vault of my deepest being and pour Your Light over every nook and cranny. Lead me in Your ways so that who I am is fully present. Lead me to a more whole/holy way to be a part of all. I lift up my life to You.

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