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Sunday, March 29, 2020

My Problem with Christian Theology

Part of my problem I should say. Most of theology was developed long after the fact by men who had intentions that might be considered compromised. They had control and power issues. They had no direct information. They had no original manuscripts, and the writings that eventually were canonized were all written by men who never met Jesus, and except for Paul (who met Peter and James), never met anyone who met Jesus (written between 70 and 120 CE).

Theologians were sometimes inspired, but generally ignorant and superstitious, living mostly from the first century to the dark ages. They could not, of course, escape the context of their times. They lived in a world that was flat and the center of the universe. They lived in a limited time in regard to almost everything.

But still glimmers of Light eeked through. We must seek those glimmers if we truly seek truth.

It has been said by many that if someone is pointing to the moon, we often mistake the fingers to be the moon. So just for a moment consider with me that Jesus was a bridge to God, a finger pointing to God.

As far as we know, he never asked to be worshipped or prayed to. A number of times he was reported to have said it was not him but the Father within doing the work. His example of how to pray started with "Our Father", not with our Jesus. He told us we would do greater things than he. He showed the way to experience God's Kingdom, and the way was love. Love everyone. Don't judge by appearances. Forgive everyone. Love God. The Kingdom is within, so go within.

I love church, and I've been part of one or the other most of my life. But sometimes I cringe at what is being said or sung. We in this mixed up world need spiritual connectedness desperately. We can't get it with 4th century ideas and music and misinformation. Let us look clearly at the brilliantly lit bridge that Jesus gave us and walk The Way.

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