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Thursday, March 26, 2020

What I See Is Not A Total Picture

Science has shown us that our senses can only relay to us a tiny fragment of what there is. A few examples:

  • Our eyes see a small band of color in the total spectrum.
  • The gray spider web is seen by those insects drawn to it as brilliant, attractive colors.
  • What we think of as solid is actually mostly empty space.
  • Etc
As physics and spirituality merge with similar conclusions, we may find ourselves in a virtual play where we act out certain roles for the experience and learning or because of karma.

We may need to take another look, at not only physical reality, but also at metaphysical and transpersonal realities.

Reincarnation was only banned as a teaching in Christianity in 553 ce. In many cultures and times, it has  been a way to understand evil, the shadow, the dark side, and the continual nature of the soul. Death is then seen as birth into another dimension and then perhaps rebirth to life on earth. We come here to learn and develop our consciousness. For some of us, it takes a lot to break through to full awareness. 

At any rate, I have come to think that we see only dimly - now through a glass darkly, as Paul wrote. But many people think they see with perfect clarity, and so their egos rule and delay awakening until another time and another place. Beware of the smug.

We must do our best to keep learning and expanding, shattering boxes of ignorance. The Vastness of All calls. Step into Infinity.

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