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Friday, March 27, 2020

Lost Connection

There is transpersonal research that indicates our experience in the womb, during the birth process and then the first days of independent existence set a tone for our lives. There is also evidence that while we are a fetus, we have consciousness, we have awareness. We are connected spiritually to The More.

If we feel safe, loved and nurtured during these stages, we are more positive and more likely to stay spiritually  connected during the course of this life.

If our experiences in these stages are negative (mother on drugs, attempted abortion or discussion about abortion, difficult birth, loud and stressful first days, etc.), we lose connection to the spiritual world and find life a painful ordeal that is emotionally painful.

Deep internal work can heal the negative beginning and restore spiritual connections. It seems to me, far too few people do such deep work. This conclusion is based on my observations of human behavior over the course of history. There has been horrible and violent behavior in every time.

I wonder how could large numbers of people be awakened to the need of deep healing in such a way they actually are inspired to pursue it?

I used to employ a technique either I developed or adapted, I'm not sure. Anyway in a guided meditation I would ask the person to see a symbol of their current problem. Then I would lead them to follow the symbol back to the little person (usually before the age of 7) who created the symbol. We would then develop the healing in various ways. This technique brought a lot of deep healing in almost all cases. I rarely have the situation nowadays where I feel that can employ this. Ahhh retirement.

It has occurred to me to this morning that maybe it is time for me to find a way to actively engage in helping with healing once again.

I am open to guidance. Show me. Where shall I go? What door shall I walk through? 

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