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Sunday, February 7, 2016


It's 2016. What does that mean? I was thinking about this today. There are billions of 2016's, one or more for each person on the planet.

There are people who live in deep jungles and are not aware of any of the things we hold as common. There are people in the slums of poor countries. There are people in wartorn places. There are people who live under dictatorships and daily fear. There are people who live in mansions and have staff to care for them. There are healthy athletes, feeble elderly, bouncing toddlers, busy people and lazy people. There are creators and destroyers. Each has a different version of what this year means to them, if they even are aware that it is 2016.

The earth experience, this year, life on earth is not one thing. Sometimes people tend to think everyone is like them and knows what they know or think they know. But even in crowded highrises or slums, life is an individual experience. My life is not the same as my neighbor's, my way of interpreting this or that is not their way. We each see through eyes that come to the moment with an array of different experiences and conclusions.

And yet, we are all called to learn how to love. That's our common mission. We don't seem to be doing so well if the news reports are accurate. I guess, no matter how it is in our shoes, we need to somehow tug on our own hearts and rise up to be the love God calls us to be.

Lord, lead me to wipe the lenses of my life with Your Love so that I may see as You see. Lead me to Love so purely and completely that I fulfill Your challenge to me to learn how to Love You, my neighbor and myself. Let this year be remembered as the year Love triumphed.

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