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Friday, February 12, 2016

Playing with Time

A couple of the most frequently questions asked of me are: "Do you sleep? How do you get so much done?"

My usual answer is: "I play with time."

I think that is an accurate reply, but it is really difficult to explain. There are elements such as: I can multi-task, I focus in this moment, I am subject to Inspiration - to aha moments - to suddenly knowing things, etc. I trust. I may begin a bleach drawing on dark Kona Cotton, for example, and I may not know exactly what the outcome will be. I just go with it. I allow Life to operate in me. It may end up to pretty, or maybe whimsical, or maybe it's perfect for the trashcan. (Below are 2 of my Clorox drawings slightly embellished with color from fabric dye pens. They came out the way they came out. I allowed them to come through me, and they came very quickly.)

I am extremely creative. I think to be creative, there is an element of holding it all lightly with lots of space, allowing, accepting - not trying to control. I see a lot of people who begin something new all tied in knots, tight, controlled, afraid of making mistakes. The creative energies that spurred the original inspiration just freezes up and seem to be gone. The person then thinks/says, "See I knew I couldn't ___________."

When we risk trying, we realize there was no risk. I mostly deal with people in the sewing, quilting, political and spiritual areas of life. Say you're a quilter and a new technique is presented to you. What is your response? Resistance, fear, pulling back, tightening up, a need to control? What I do is just try it, go for it. By missing all the time spent on the resistance gang, I'm already done when you're just working up to starting.

There is the context in which we hold our lives that plays a part in playing with time. Mostly what our decisions are about are NOT about world peace, ending world hunger, the final cure for cancer or some such monumental thing. But, many act as if trying out applique, for example, is just that important. Really? What's the worst thing that can happen? Maybe it gets donated to charity or goes in the trash. So what. The planet still is in orbit and the cure for cancer still looms in the future.

Another aspect is starting the morning with some moments in quiet, prayer, reflection, and inspirational reading. That sets up the day in a positive way, encourages a relaxed and trusting approach to what the day holds.

We can shed limitations. Know that Infinite Intelligence is with us. We are not alone. We can accomplish amazing things, and some things that do end up in the trashcan. It's all good. It all teaches. It all adds depth and texture to the tapestry of our lives.

Ultimately, do we want a life that we savor and are present for moment by moment, aware, fully alive, or do we want to live a shut down life not fully alive to the moment, holding back, not risking? Or I could ask, "Do we want a life that honors the gift of life the Divine has given us?"

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