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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Mystic Journey

Teilhard de Chardin liked nature's landscape in some of his metaphors. I am intrigued by one he used describing the mystic journey. I will paraphrase it and add some to it from my understanding.

Imagine with me that you are a traveler on an extremely foggy mountain, and you are climbing toward the summit which is bathed in light. You were placed on this precise spot on the mountain by the current moment in history, the place of your birth, your individual vocation or mission or reason for coming to earth. This is your starting point. One of your tasks is to climb to the Light. To get there, you pass through obstacles, a series of footholds, slips, advances. Some ways you try, are dead-ends, so you go back a bit and try another assent. You must experiment with various approaches and test different barriers. At the same time, you must keep the passion for the climb strong. Without passion, there will be no assent. 

I see here on earth just a few who passionately climb that mountain, determined to reach the Light. Rather, sadly, I see many who give up and just live in whatever spot they find themselves. These are the deflated, the adherents to other people's beliefs, the people a bit slumped over with no twinkle, little light in the eye.

It is my firm belief, understanding and teaching that no matter how long one has nestled into some crag or other, the Light still calls. No matter what - we can still renew ourselves and again begin the assent to the Light at the mountaintop.

Let us climb on.What a glorious Light awaits.

I come this day ready to stand up and resume my climb. Grant me the vision and courage and passion required to not only go on, but to reach the mountaintop. Lead me again on the mystic journey. Guide my steps. Fill my heart. Lead on.

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