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Saturday, February 27, 2016


When I was young, I dreamed of world peace. I did various things in an effort to foster peace. I worked on myself to be peaceful, for how could I ask the world to be at peace if I myself was not? I got groups together to enter a consensus that peace was possible, the first step I thought. If one thinks it impossible, then whatever is done is a push pull - try this, but it's not possible anyway so why try? etc etc etc

In reading some more of Teilhard this week, I find a piece of my peace puzzle. He says that as we come closer together physically, by virtue of the fact there are more and more of us, we need to come closer together at the heart. He sees it as a next step in evolution. Sympathy for one another is required. I would add and maybe replace that with empathy. Love for sure.

The old ideologies that divide must go. Humanity must grow up.We need to look at one another with a wider eye, not just through the lens of what has always been. We need to drop the old shell, come out of the cocoon, emerge as a sparkling new being.

Prayer, contemplation, deep spiritual practice can lead us there I think. Yet how do we get a significant number of people to sincerely, regularly enter such practices? How do we get individuals to begin working on themselves to become peace, letting go of ego's strident stance? How do we get people off the constant, stupefying immersion in electronic life of phones, computer, television, etc? How do we get bad actors out of stone age, tribal, violent mentality that serves no one, including themselves?

I can see the possibility of peace. I can see a leap up in consciousness. I can see a spiritual evolution. I know it is possible. Whether or not it is possible in my lifetime, I do not know. It seems that perhaps we as the humanity of earth are on a downward flight just now. Perhaps as with an addict, we must hit bottom in order to get up and find a better way. Let us pray about it.

Holy Presence, enter our hearts and minds with Your Peace. Lead us to walk this earth softly, with empathy and love. Reveal to us what we can do to help bring peace on earth. Help us to be part of the shift of humanity growing up. Open our eyes, our hearts, our minds, our whole being to You. Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me...

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