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Friday, December 21, 2018


This morning thoughts of balance came to me, particularly historical balance. Our personal balance is of course connected to the general balance of society, but let's think about the overall balance for a moment.

For the vast majority of recorded human history, superstition and ignorance reigned supreme. There was no science as we know it. From bloodletting to fairies, fantasy ruled. Mixed in were spiritual insights and fabulous intuitions - many of which were punished.

Then came The Enlightenment, the birth of science and modern logic, and the world shifted. Cause and effect, truth or lie, prove it or discard it, etc. came into being. The balance drastically shifted.

Churches declined. Moral values disintegrated. Anything goes seemed to be the new norm. Horrendous weapons were created, and used. The 20th century was marred by mustard gas and nuclear weapons. It also was elevated by medical breakthroughs; studies into consciousness and near death experiences; exploration of outer space and the tiny space of quarks; more prosperity for more people, etc.

The balance is delicate for we have not grown spiritually as much as we have scientifically. Humanity for the first time can quickly and easily destroy all life on earth and possibly our planet itself.

It is time for us to bring spiritual balance here. Not ancient superstition, genuine spiritual awakening. Science can participate. The new physics is amazingly spiritual. It can confirm there is Intelligence. We can read studies on intuitions, synchronicity, before and after and between life studies, etc. Science can be our cheerleader.

But we must do the work of finding The More ourselves. We must still ourselves and spend regular time engaging in our spiritual practices in order to not only bring balance to our own lives, but also to contribute to the balance of humanity. The future needs you so that there can be a future here.

I know there is More. Today I open my deepest self to be led to the deepest truths. I come for balance for myself and for humanity. Lead me on Divine More.

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