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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Black Holes

This morning I was reading some of Teilhard de Chardin's thoughts. One minor point was the distortion a black hole creates. My mind took off with that thought. I was shown another way to look at it.

In our spiritual lives we come upon virtual black holes. Our best intentions get sucked down into a minefield of black holes. Some of their names are: ego, self rightessness, emotionality, close mindedness, anger, hatred, judgementalness, ignorance, addictions, fear and so on.

Our task is not only to dance around the black holes in order to try to not step into their pull, but to be so grounded in the Ground of Being that they have no attraction to us. The ways I know to do this include daily/constant spiritual practices, the study of enlightened ones, sincerity, congruence, integrity, love, honest self assessment and course correction, interaction with others on The Path for example.

I come with experience to verify that to learn by being sucked into a black hole is doing spiritual growth the hard way. I've climbed out of several of them with grit and perseverance. I've come out a  bit bruised and battered. I strive now to live in awareness of the More as constantly as I can. My life is my spiritual test tube, my divine experiment.

Divine More, Precious Presence lift me to You so that I may live more and more fully grounded in You. Help me as I try to stay Awake and live my life as a beneficial person to all who come my way. I thank You, for I know You hear me and are in fact with me.

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