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Saturday, December 15, 2018

One Minute for Christ

Today I'm reading, "Letters of a Modern Mystic" written in the 1930s. He suggests some interesting practices.

First he suggests something many of us find essential. He says to start each day with an hour of spiritual reading,  contemplation and prayer. Amen to that!

Then he suggests we form a new habit. He says a new habit is as easy to form as learning to type. The habit is to spend one second or more of every minute of every waking hour thinking of God or Christ. It gets easier with practice I assure you.

You can do this by carrying on a silent conversation with Christ, by silently singing a favorite hymn, by placing a picture that represents Christ where you often look, or whatever technique assists you in thinking regularly about Christ or God.

This can even be done while we are out and about. I've often taught people to go to the mall (or while in an airport), sit on a bench and silently bless each passerby. I often silently say, "I salute the Christ in you." Or " May God's highest good for you be set free to shower you with blessings." Maybe you have a special way of saying it, but the main thing is to silently say it with words and heart.

You will feel so close to God and so loving towards others after just an hour of this (you can start with a smaller amount of time and ease into a fuller practice if you want). And the other person walks on with a sprinkle of blessing now sparkling in their life and about to bring them some spiritual surprises.

As we develop the habit of walking more closely with God, we open to absolutely different ways of being human. Some have called it a second birth.

Christmas is a perfect time for rebirth. May the Light of Christ be born anew in you this very Christmas. I salute the Christ in you. Go into this world as a walking blessing. Miracles are stirring. I feel them.

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