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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Life Is Weird

Sometimes I remember things are not at all how they seem, in fact almost weirder than I can imagine.

For some examples: my body is made up of around 37 trillion cells that die and rebuild over and over for the course of my earthly life; my body is basically a carbon compound made of stardust, aka earth; my body and everything else is mostly empty space; my body began as two half cells and grew to be the amazing human body totally unlike its beginning; the subatomic world breaks all of the rules of the material world; my granola and milk this morning are being transformed into body parts that will bear no resemblance to granola or milk, etc.

Some people use such scientific knowledge to suppose there is no God, no soul and no free will. That would be way too strange they say.

BUT we live in such a weird reality that  contradicts what our senses tell us, it seems to me, especially by comparison, God makes total sense. I know God, I know others throughout history who have known God, I am frequently guided by something beyond my local self which I might call God, Spirit, or The More.

I love much of science. I am certain that it does not negate God. If I am to believe in quarks, which I do not see and cannot experience, why is it false to believe in God whom I can experience? It's silly to me that so many intellectuals have proclaimed God as dead but believe all sorts of other things that are less knowable or are unknowable.

My life experiences and my studies have led me to the conclusion that there IS a Higher Power (you can use any name you wish), we do have spiritual essences that continue after this body returns to earth and existed before we had this body, and we can have free will, but it requires we break free of cultural assumptions and childhood conditioning in order to fully exercise it.

It seems to me life goes adrift without a vital relationship with God. I just look around to see as spirituality declines, quality of life declines. I hope and pray this is the day spirituality quickens in hearts and minds all over our blessed earth. God is with you. 

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