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Monday, December 3, 2018

Re-reading the Most Meaningful Books in My Life

As you may recall, one of my practices is to re-read books that have been meaningful and profound in my life. A couple of days ago, I searched Amazon for Thomas Kelly's "A Testament of Devotion." His words opened the mystical Christian world for me and explained some of my own experiences many decades ago. I discovered that his son had gathered together more of his father's writings and sermons, published 25 years after his death. So, I downloaded it to my Kindle. It is called, "The Eternal Promise," and his thoughts brought once again a special kind of spiritual fire into my life. I'm going to share a few of his words and ask you to just contemplate them, maybe jot down a few thoughts and then take the words into your heart of hearts.
Each one of us has the seed of Christ within him. In each one of us the amazing and dangerous seed of Christ is present. It is only a seed. It is very small, like the grain of mustard seed. The Christ that is formed in us is small indeed, but He is great with eternity. But, if we dare to take this awakened seed of Christ into the midst of the world's suffering, it will grow
American Christianity is in need of its deeper strain of expression of direct contact with God, as the source, not of world-flight, but of the most intensely practical Christianity that has yet been known.
 ...there is a core of sincerity in all men, a yearning for the Real, a deep-set hunger for the Homeland of the soul.
We stand at Your door and knock. Fill us with Your Light, Your Wisdom, Your Love. Water the Seed of Christ in us with Your tender care and lead us to the Homeland of the soul.

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