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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Barnacle Removal

Although I have no conscious plan, and find it hard to imagine how it could actually come into being, I feel a strong call to walk in the direction of stopping the decline of Christianity and reversing the decline. It is clear to me that the life and teachings of Jesus, as far as we know them, can stop the general slide into violence and destruction going on all over this beloved planet.

I see the misguided, perverse, insane ideas of men that have been attached to the original ideas, as if barnacles, obscuring the view and understanding of so many people.

Perhaps the most horrendous of these ideas is Augustine's original sin. For at least 9 centuries before him, nobody taught that. Jesus never heard it. It was not in Judaism, Taoism or Buddhism, or in any other known religion. It now permeates religion, government, entertainment, and almost all of Western civilization if not all current peoples.

It tells us we are born as disgusting sinners and have to jump through hoops to maybe become at least acceptable. From having to wear the "right" makeup, to singing we are wretches,  to devaluing life and our planet, to being controlled by power hungry politicians and tech giants- we live out the  lives of lost  sinners.

I am certain we need to root out the poison of original sin that sickens us in a multitude of ways. We first need to be aware, alert and be on a journey to see it, otherwise how can we turn it around?

I first began to see it and study it in the early 80's when I read Matthew Fox's "Original Blessing." I have reread that book several times. I recommend it to you as a fabulous place to start or continue your quest into spirituality.

I know with all of my being that God creates and recreates the blessings of life with Love. At the center of our being is the Spark of the Divine. It eagerly awaits our birthing it into this time and this place.

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