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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


As I meditate in preparation for Sunday's sermon/homily, some concerns keep coming to mind.

There is the decline of Christianity in the West that is of deep concern to me. The causes are myriad, including the crazy and odd theologies that have been attached to the original teachings of Jesus that cannot be accepted. I speak of original sin, the creeds, etc. But the slide has moved us now to where atheism and functional atheism are the main religion of the West.

We now are at a point where apathy and therefore inertia have a major influence. Huge numbers of people don't seem to care about having a spiritual connection to God and to a group that focuses on God. So many people are more into their electronic devices, consumerism, sports, celebrities, politics and other things that keep them somewhat satisfied.

Is it too late for "modern" humanity to turn to God? Are we too self-satisfied? How can we open hearts and minds to spirituality? I am pondering and listening.

Oh Divine Presence, open our hearts and minds to You. Inspire us to find ways to touch the apathetic with the spark of Your Presence. Show us how to reframe the journey to You so that people feel drawn to embark upon that journey. Lead us. We listen.......

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