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Friday, May 31, 2019


As Richard Rohr says, it is better to be connected than correct. An old saying came to mind, would you rather be right or be healed?

Our Western norms have been so skewed to the individual that we neglect our connectedness to one another, to the earth, to the cosmos and to God. So much Christianity has bent into pretzel shapes the teaching and life of Jesus. There is a franticness about getting "saved," whatever that is. God is love, we are safe. There is the fanatic's cry that they are Right, that their sacred writings are infallible and perfect. There is the "need" to be correct and acceptable.

All of this laid a foundation based on ego and getting a ticket to heaven. It led to worthiness issues, exclusions of groups based on current predjudices, inconsistent positions (If pro-life, is war okay? ), false adherence to the current fads, rarely able to own our mistakes, so project them on others, and a desperate need to be correct and therefore superior.

BUT, I think what we need is connections open to one another, earth, cosmos and God. We are all in this together. Our bodies consist of the same carbon compounds and function the same ways. Our lives are all currently lived on this little planet, our Mother Earth. Molecules and atoms re-circulate constantly so our bodies are at all times made of atoms from everywhere and everyone and are almost totally made of other atoms each year. We all suffer. We all celebrate.

I am certain that we all carry a kind of homesickness, a hunger to remember who we actually are (not our masks or roles), a hunger for connection to All, including God, especially God.

If we could somehow shift our awareness to the underlying truth of Oneness, life on this planet would shift dramatically. Instead of me, me, me, it would be simply us.

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