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Monday, May 20, 2019

Prayer for Week

I felt led to share the prayer I wrote for my sermon handout for next Sunday. Please pray it with me.

Oh Divine Presence, open my deepest being to You. Fill me with Your Light of understanding. Help the scales fall from my eyes and my heart and my mind.

I come this day not only to be renewed but to also be transformed. I come eagerly to hear your call, to live Your life, to shine and share and lift all who cross my path.

I let fall from me all that is unlike You. I turn and see that Light and Glory in each aspect of Your creation. Wherever I look, I see You. Truly You are The Ground of all being, including my being. All creation is an outpouring from You and a reflection of who and what You are and a call for me to rise and bring Your Love and Light to every moment.

I see You in the beauty of the flower, in the power of the ocean waves, in the tiny hand of the baby, and also in the cry of the homeless asking me to bring compassion and help, in the ache of the grieving and the sorrow of the lonely. Each calls to me in a new way.

I am thankful for the transformation that is beginning in me. I walk this path with trust in You, knowing there are many steps yet to walk.

I'm the name of Christ I seal this prayer with the ancient seal of faith as  I say Amen, Amen and Amen

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