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Monday, August 26, 2019

A Lot Going On We Don't Experience

Science tells us phenomenal things are going on that humans by themselves cannot detect here on our planet, let alone out in the universe. Atoms are whirling, subatomic things are behaving in astounding ways, etc. Invisible things may turn out to be the most important. Anybody seen love lately?

Right this moment, wherever we are, radio stations and television stations are beaming programs. This room is full of potential that can only become useful if we have a radio and a television which we turn on and tune to one of them. Whether or not we tune in is up to us. If we choose to tune in, we can choose most anything from beautiful music to horror movies.

I propose that The Presence of God is in this very moment too. We can choose to tune in or not. Whichever choice we make, makes a huge difference. God may not be visible, but that does not mean God does not exist. There is the rich and full Presence available for everyone.

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