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Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Thing About Guidance

Like a telephone signal is available for all who have a receiver, whisperings of Divine Wisdom are everywhere available to all prepared to tune in.

Guidance is present because God is present, in all, through all and the essence of all. At every level, there is an organizing Principle. Look at any object around you, say a cup of tea. The cup, you say is porcelain, not divine. Look more closely. It is made of whirling atoms and other non-visible things that move thousands of miles a second, and yet it remains a silent cup as it sits before you. The tea comes from water that has travelled many times from ocean to cloud to rain to river to cloud, to snow to river to reservoir to pipe to this morning's cup of tea, all the while remaining H2O. The tea leaves come from earth and water and sunlight to be nestled in your teapot this morning. What a miracle your cup of tea is, being so much more.

As I cannot help but realize some God Principle organizes the visible world in such amazing ways, I turn to the non-visible. I realize God creates, re-creates and participates in everything, whether or not my receiver is tuned in and aware.

Tuning in is a process. I'll share a bit of my process, but of course yours will be tailor made for you.

As a child, I had spiritual experiences that led me to know a loving Presence was with me. Some very hurtful and ugly things happened to me, eventually making the Presence fade to a certain dimness. From time to time I was lifted out of harm's way, so I knew God was there, but not as immediately as I had once known. I stopped going to church, feeling the Truth was not there. Eventually I was led to a church that helped me begin healing the wounds of my life. I realized the wounds were open places where new Light could enter. I learned to meditate, learned affirmative prayer and began study of mystics. I found God again. Guidance was once again operating more regularly in my life. I began to teach, moving me more and more in awareness of The Presence. My studies and process continue daily.

There is so much I want to say about Guidance. I will just add a warning today. It is imperative to give the credit to God for all. Once ego enters the door, a lot of backtracking is needed. A truly attuned person is humble. Even Jesus said It is not I, but the Father within doing the work.

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  1. So true about guidance. This past weekend I attended a Zen retreat in the mountains near Palm Springs, CA at Yoko-Ji Zen Mountain Center. As I arrived I was troubled by an internal conflict I was experiencing with my father, who is deceased but I was hearing his words in my head and having an angry conversation with him. As so often happened with us when he was alive, I felt frustrated as if I was talking to a brick wall, and there seemed to be no way to resolve our conflict. I walked through the grounds of the center and crossed a small footbridge over a creek. There I heard an inner voice telling me to stop so I did, and listened to the water in the creek. All at once the angry dialogue in my head ceased completely and the conflict that had seemed so impenetrable was entirely gone! I was amazed and grateful for the inner guidance that told me to stop on that bridge. God is always available to us and there are no conflicts too big for God to resolve instantly if we only pay attention.